Zebra Crossings
03820, Dover, New Hampshire, United States 603-312-2052 astrid@zebra-crossings.org

Company Overview

Zebra Crossings, based in Dover, NH, offers empowerment programs for youth and teens with chronic medical conditions. Whether it is a week-long camp or weekend activities, care is always provided by trained medical staff. We aim to lessen the burden of chronic medical conditions by connecting kids through play and giving respite for caregivers. Zebra Crossings is a fun, safe place where kids just get to be kids. 

Zebra Crossings offers a wide array of programs ranging from Friday evening gatherings, to day programs, to summer camps, to diagnosis specific weekend Family Camps. We work with youth ages 6-12, Teens ages 13-15, Leaders In Training ages 15-18, and families in a variety of settings and venues. All of our programs are rooted in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) which increases our participants’ abilities to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to deal effectively with daily challenges of chronic medical conditions. The community and confidence that is discovered at our programs allows participants to pursue life to the fullest.